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    Hair Care and Accessories

    Hair Care and Accessories

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    JozelCurls is very good for everyday use.Put an end to layering multiple products on your hair in an endless attempt to achieve “perfect” curls! This effective All-in-One will drench your curls in hydration, giving you soft gorgeous curls for days. JozelCurls...

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    Taking care of your scalp after every each wash is important! Our Hair Growth oil is very light and not sticky !  1. Great for all types of hair2. Cleanses scalp, reducesdandruff3. Increases blood circulation4. Treats hair loss5. Promotes the...

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    SweatProof Lace GlueJozelhair SweatProof Lace Glue is specially designed for stronghold and easy lace meltdown to give realistic hairline .It is sweat and waterproof .No more sagging lace or sliding off your head,This lace wig glue hold can last up...

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    Lace Glue RemoverThis Lace Glue Remover is to dissolve the glue from the lace and also remove the residues from the lace.Give it a try and share your results. We can't wait to see your beautiful curls!!!  

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