Head Measurement For Wig Cap

How to measure head for a wig

We always measure the size before buying clothes or shoes online, so it is also very important to measure the size of the head before buying a wig. If we want to buy a wig with a suitable size and a comfortable wig, then our top priority should be to know how to measure the wig head correctly. Correctly measuring the size of our head is conducive to choosing a comfortable wig suitable for us.


Average wig size: between 54 cm and 57 cm (21.25 to 22.5 inches) – we can say that about 90% of customers is average wig size, so if your wig head size is within this measurement range, you will More options.

Small wig cap size: 51 cm to 54 cm (20 to 21.25 inches). Wigs of small size usually need to be made temporarily.

Large wig cap size: greater than 57 cm (22.5 to 24 inches). At present, we only have a few large wigs.