Wig Maintenance Tips !

Here's what to (never) do when wearing your wig !

1.Shampoo with regular shampoo : Most regular shampoo and conditioner designed for regular hair will weigh down your wig’s strands, causing the opposite of bouncy

2.Use a curling iron or blow dryer without heat protector : Heat tools are extra-abrasive to the delicate strands of natural hair wigs and can cause permanent damage.

3.Brush with a regular brush: Regular brushes and combs stretch the fibers and permanently damage a wig’s delicate strands. Not only does that disrupt the integrity of the style, it can cause hair to fall out of the wig.

4.Put Your Wig on a Styrofoam head: Forcing a wig onto a Styrofoam head stretches the cap and damages the foundation of your ‘do.Instead, drape it on collapsible hangers which’ll help your wig maintain its designated shape without warping the size.

5.Scrub when washing or drying: Cleanliness might be next to godliness, but scrubbing your wig is the opposite of good. We know it’s tempting, especially if you’re used to shampooing regular hair with gusto. But a wig’s intricate construction can come undone if you use too much force.

6.Swim in your wig without washing after swimming : Chlorine and saltwater are both triggers of bad-hair-day blues. While chlorine is packed with disinfectants that strip hair of its silky sheen, saltwater draws moisture out of hair, leaving it brittle and dry.

7.Barbecue: Human hair wigs won’t necessarily melt, they can become frizzy, brittle, and dry when exposed to heat.


Taking care of your wigs is super important !